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What is Geolysis?

Everyone in our lives come across lot of data from various sources. Most of the times we have to standardise and analyse the data as per our requirements.
For ages people have analysed various forms of data using various methods and parameters. Of late, the spatial(Geographic) component of data has become useful for various purposes. Geolysis is the term we use to define analysis of any data on the geagraphic/spatial/location based parameters.

What does do?

We provide following geagraphic data analysis services

Data visualisation and analysis on Map

Today, much of the data having a geographic component is being analysed similar to normal data. At the most, the geagraphic analysis is limited to categorising the data into broad geagraphic regions put in different tables. This gives very limted idea of the actual geagraphic distribution and hence of little use. Even if it is useful, Whatever little information so provided can be very difficult to understand and act upon for a common user when the dataset becomes larger. Our data visualisation services through the Geolysis visualiser solves this problem in an elegant manner.

Intelligent geocoding

Geocoding is the conversion of Address of a location/Place to its Geographic coordinates i.e latitude and longitude. This is normally done by fetching coordinates of a known place from a database. However, this works only if the address typed is accurate, which is not possible in most of the cases due to wide variations in how people spell a placename. Our intelligent geocoding algorithms employ different analytical and phonetic techniques to best match the given address to a known place and return the most appropriate result. Our intelligent geocoding service in conjunction with theGeolysis Visualiser gives a powerful platform for Geolysis of available data.

Data standardisation

For any data to be used for systematic analysis, standardisation is the first step. Traditionally it has been done manually with the assistance of spreadsheet programs etc. We have intelligent algorithms and tools and experts to do that for you at a fraction of the cost and time.

Custom GIS and geo enabled software development

With our experience and expertise in Geo enabled software development, we can help you in developing solutions you might require for your specific business scenario. We provide a choice of exclusive development as well as subscription based development in case the project has potential for resale. By taking the later approach, smaller organisations also can afford custom software.

Custom mapping and integration of online map services with websites

With increasing popularity and usefulness of online map services, it is now better to present addresses, directions etc on a map. This is helpful to the visitors and gives a better look to your website. We help you do this without any pain and let you reap the benefits.

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