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Placename and data references

The sources used for preparing the places / villages database for India has been wide ranging. Though field surveys have been conducted for data acquisition, the location information for many places for the current content has been derived by our volunteers from AMS-U502 series of maps and public reference sources. The placenames have been correlated with the census of India 2000 publication of list of villages and towns. However, nowhere in the process there is any direct copy of content from any source. PIN codes for India have been obtained from the Indian Postal service publications, but here too, due to lot of inconsistencies and contradictions in published data, modifications have been done in lot of places to improve the quality of information.

Place finder data quality disclaimer

The place finder service is provided without any charge or subscription for the convenience of visitors to our website. We provide the service as is without any guarantee of any kind about the quality or relevance of the provided data.
Please note that most of the data is collected and processed by humans and hence there is every chance of errors creeping in. Also, the location coordinates are derived from public domain maps and are not very accurate for close analysis. The local information provided is generated from user inputs and hence, is only as accurate as the contributors knowledge.

The data provided on the website is not suitable for any critical use. If at all it has to be so used for any unavaoidable reason, please exercise personal discretion while relying on the data and correlate it with other sources while making critical decisions.

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