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Information Management, Analytics and Geospatial Engine (IMAGE)

A one stop solution for data collection, analytics, spatial planning, monitoring, performance evaluation, impact assessment and much more in a seamless and user friendly environment


  • Fully customisable ready to use application framework for reduced deployment time
  • Simple and seamless data collection options on multiple platforms
  • Standards compliant data storage and indexing
  • User level permissions on each data layer for role based in depth access control and data safety
  • Data sharing between multiple organisations even on distributed physical servers
  • Customisable query based reporting
  • Spatial analytics for planning and decision support systems
  • Expandable modular design to incorporate tailor made functionality

Application Areas

  • Primary data collection including multimedia and spatial information
  • Project/Activity planning using scientific input and spatial analytics
  • Systematic tracking of field assets and activities
  • Map making and GIS data visualisation over internet using simple web browser
  • Decision support systems
  • Activity management and progress monitoring
  • Performance evaluation and impact assessment
  • GIS empowerment of field staff with user friendly interface

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