About Geolysis Integrated Solutions Private Limited


Everyone in our lives come across lot of data from various sources. Most of the times we have to standardise and analyse the data as per our requirements.

For ages people have analysed various forms of data using various methods and parameters. Of late, the spatial(Geographic) component of data has become useful for various purposes.

Geolysis® is the term we use to define analysis of any data on the geagraphic/spatial/location based parameters.

Today, much of the data having a geographic component is being analysed similar to normal data. At the most, the geagraphic analysis is limited to categorising the data into broad geagraphic regions put in different tables. This gives very limted idea of the actual geagraphic distribution and hence of little use. Even if it is useful, Whatever little information so provided can be very difficult to understand and act upon for a common user when the dataset becomes larger. Our data visualisation services through the Geolysis visualiser solves this problem in an elegant manner.