Cyber Security System Testing, Hardening & Forensics

Network and Server Hardening

GIS fundamentals, GIS Applications, Remote Sensing basics, RS Applications, Image processing, Change analysis, Spatial planning

Intrusion Detection

GNSS basics, GNSS device usage, GNSS configuration and maintenance, DGPS basics, Hitech Surveying, GCP setup, Reference stations

Penetration Testing

IT security fundamentals, System hardening, Network protection, penetration testing, intrusion detection, forensics

Encryption and Cryptography

Linux system administration, Open source software overview, Domain specific opensource application stacks

Automated Backups, Mirroring and Failover

Soil and water conservation, Watershed management, Hydrology, Water management, Water harvesting structure design

Cyber Forensics

Weather data collection, Automated weather stations, Environmental modeling, Impact assessments, Data cleaning and processing

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