Consulting Services

GIS/Remote Sensing

We help with spatial planning, process flow design, SOP preparation, infrastructure design etc.

Surveying/Data Collection

We assist in job analysis & planning, data formats, methodologies, tools & techniques, processing etc.


Support in equipment selection, integration, process standardisation, commissioning, SOPs etc.

Software Requirement Analysis

Provide comprehensive services for preparation Software Requirements Specification professionally.

IT Infrastructure/Cyber Security

Assist in planning IT infrastructure based on user needs and assist in cyber security / IT forensics.

Linux Systems/Open Source Software

Provide management and support services for open source application software and linux systems.

Natural Resource Management

We provide consulting services for natural resource management (planning, monitoring & evaluation).

Environmental Monitoring

We provide assistance in design of smart autonomous / networked environmental monitoring systems.

Disaster Management/Logistics

We help in designing disaster management startegies including monitoring/warning systems, logistics etc.

Please feel free to contact us for further details. We are looking forward to your queries, suggestions, feedback and support on various products and services.