GIS Geographic Information Systems

Web/Mobile GIS

Geographic information systems traditionally needed specialised software and trained man power to operate. With the advent of internet, the GIS industry is also moving to the web and hence, webbased GIS(WebGIS) systems are becoming popular by the day. Of late, the internet has expanded it's reach into the mobile world due to the availability of superior handheld devices which are very powerful, easy to handle and simple to carry. The power of these smart devices also brought in a lot of benefits to the GIS systems(MobileGIS) making them mobile and more robust due to availability of a variety of hardware sensors. However, WebGIS/MobileGIS systems would produce desired results only when properly conceptualised and designed as per specific needs of an organisation.

We help organisations design, develop implement and operate tailor made WebGIS and MobileGIS systems based on their requirements and utilising the full potential of available technical advancement. With our demonstrated capabilities in the field while working with various government and private organisations locally and internationally, we are very well placed to deliver reliable and consistents solutions to diverse requirements and users.

Spatial Analysis

Spatial data is highly technical in nature and not very easy to understand in the raw form. It needs to be processed for proper visualisation. The data being very elaborate in nature, contains a lot of information which can be useful when properly analysed as per the requirements. Spatial analysis is the process of analysing spatial and non-spatial data to derive meaningful insights. The utility of available data depends on the analytical capabilities of experts and the useability of outputs depend on the simplification capabilities of the processing team.

We possess sophisticated analytical and spatial modelling capabilities with innovative methodologies and custom designed algorithms. To augment our technical capabilities, our services are highly focussed on simplicity of outputs while deriving the final results and use creative techniques while presenting the data to non-technical users resulting in full utilisation of the output by the target users.

Map Making

One of the frequently generated output of any spatial system is a map that can be used by a non-technical user. Map making is as much a science as it is an art. A well designed map can feel so obvious in it's presentation of information that even a layman can understand it for the most part whereas a poorly designed map can be confusing even for technical people and stakeholders working on the project itself.

We provide map making services with the lucidity in mind presenting data in an easy to understand form. Our professionals properly study the diverse sets of users for whom the maps are being prepared. With proper understanding of the userbase and the input data, maps are prepared to convey as much information as possible in as simple a representation as possible. This results in higher efficiencies and better planning at the field level.

Data Acquisition

GIS/spatial data collection is a very cumbersome process requiring skilled people working tirelessly. The complexity is also increased due to the requirement of gathering additional data in multiple formats to complement the spatial information. Systematic approach, organised data storage, reliable equipment, consistent interpretation by team etc. play vital role in the quality of the data being collected. Organisations would need considerably investment to build an inhouse data collection team and hence it is recommended to contract professional services wherever suitable.

We provide data collection services as per the requirements of customers. We have skilled people, equipment, storage & processing capabilities and other resources required for the handling the data collection job in a professional manner. Customers would benefit from increased efficiency, reliability, consistency and reduced cost, complexity and uncertainity. Since we provide other relevant services as well, the process becomes even more convenient.

Data Conversion

One of the basic requirements of any analysis, evaluation or research activity is the quality and consistency of data. For organisations having huge volumes of old data and for organisations receiving data from multiple independent sources, deriving clean and standardised datasets is a herculean task. If the task is not professionally handled, all the decisions taken and the planning made on this data could be at risk, making quality of data a very critical aspect which cannot be ignored or taken lightly.

With long experience in sourcing data from vwery diverse sources and building standardised databases, we are well placed to help our partners and customers build high quality datasets from existing or continuously pouring data. Our time tested internal processes and algorithms help avoid errors that easily slip into the data otherwise.

Data Management

Organisations accumulate large volumes of data over time. This data is a valuable source of insight into various aspects of the business and can be harnessed if available to the right person at the right time in an easily accessible manner. To make this possible, organisations need a robust data management and access mechanism. The data being valuable, proper security and access control mechanisms should also be in place to protect sensitive data from either being misused or being corrupted by human and technical factors.

With our experience in managing very large databases for our internal operations, we have all the resources required to help our partners and customers in managing their valuable data. We work with customers to understand their requirements and design solutions and protocols to manage the data efficiently and provide access to it in a secure and reliable environment.

Please feel free to contact us for further details. We are looking forward to your queries, suggestions, feedback and support on various products and services.