Analytics Data Management

Smart Insights

Data analysis is a creative job done by analytical minds. It needs a lot of imagination and perspective to derive useable outputs from voluminous content. If the analysis is limited to generic queries and statistical tools, the output if rudimentary and gives little value and insight into what is actually contained in the bulk of the content.

We use innovative methodologies and perspectives to the data sometimes combining additional information to the datasets to add value. Our team of experienced data analysts probe and poke the data with customised tools to derive the exact information needed for decision making or other purposes.

Data Mining

Organisations collect voluminous data on a regular basis and store it as part of their day to day activities. If this data is properly analysed, lot of unknown facts come out of it. This process is called data mining and when targeted properly, it can lead to some interesting and valuable advantages for any organisation in their field of operation.

We provide data mining services for our partners and customers and help them gain the maximum out of the un-utilised data lying with them.

Data Warehousing

In this digital age, everyday huge volumes of data is recorded which would be needed in the future. The future sometimes refers to even very long durations and as such the data needs to be stored in a safe and secure manner in form which can be accessed with little effort whever needed. This process better is handled by data warehousing techniques.

We provide various services around data warehousing technologies and help our customers implement proper solutions based on their current and future needs. We also provide management and maintenance services for the same.

DB Optimisation

When handling large datasets, considerable time is spent on querying and accessing data. The delay in processing affects the efficiency of the team as well as the business as a whole. To avoid this, regularly used databses are optimised for speed and efficiency at various levels based on the needs of the end users. An optimised database can achieve even tenfold performance improvement.

We provide databse and content storage optimisation services to help our partners and customers as per their needs. Our team thoroughly studies the data and the end user needs before designing a highly streamlined solution for storage as well as retrieval. In the process we also optimise user queries and workflow processes wherever suitable.

Big Data

Data collected over time is stored in diverse forms and most of it is never in a database or any query friendly format. This structured and unstructured data needs to be analysed simultaneously in many situations to arrive at an optimal conclusion. Bigdata techniques and tools are used in this scenario to smoothly analyse and query all the underlying data.

We provide big data analytic solutions and work tirelessly with our customers till we arrive at an optimum solution for their needs. Our experts also continuously work with the customers to improve inhouse capabilities and develop required skills to use the tools on a regular basis.

Small Data

Apart from the data that is manually collected by an organisation, there are hundreds of devices that continuously monitor various activities and systems and keep recording this data. These devices are primarily sensors systems and other similar equipment which genrate small packets of data but at a very high rate(at short intervals). This kind of data is called small data. Since most of these systems are monitoring critical activities, proper analysis of this information will alert us in advance about any trends or patterns that might be developing in the background which are otherwise un-detectable.

We provide services to properly store and analyse this type of data and generate policies and methodologies to extract critical insights at the right time. These insights can prove very valuable by reducing the probability of failures, damages, mishaps, lost opportunities etc.

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