Software Design & Development

GIS Applications

Geographic Information System(GIS) applications are very much user specific and requirement oriented. Unless the system are customised to handle all the functional requirements of the target users in an easy to use interface, the full potential of the system will not be achieved. A well conceptualised, meticulously designed and properly implemented system delivers results as per user expectations and results in efficiency and productivity improvements.

We provide GIS application development and customisation services over web, mobile, desktop, embedded and distributed/cloud platforms. The applications rely on our well tested software code base and cloud platforms thus bringing well tested components to the table which results in reliable applications deployed in short time frames.

Mobile Applications

Computing devices are getting smaller and powerful everyday leading to powerful mobile devices. These devices also come with advanced sensors and hardware making them very valuable in data collection applications among other things. Availability of advanced hardware also makes them capable of handling complex data smoothly and hence the future of user computing would mostly rely on mobile computing. To harness the power of these devices, suitable applications are required based on ones needs and functional requirements.

We provide end-to-end services for mobile application design and development. Our expertise in understanding business needs combined with our innovative approach in designing user friendly applications puts us in a position to deliver high quality mobile software solutions for your needs.

Distributed/Hybrid Apps

In this day of connected world, software applications cannot sit on a single computer and serve the purpose. The web based centralised applications also run into problems when the network links are not reliable. This leaves the hybrid apps running on distributed user devices performing tasks taking advantage of the all the information form the connected ecosystem. Properly designed distributed applications can work wonders in scenarious where continuous connectivity is difficult.

We provide design and development services covering the distributed application domain and also provide cloud infrastructure to host and interface with the distributed nodes and devices.

Cloud Platforms

With advent of internet and reliance on web based applications, continuous availability and unlimited scalability was demanded by end users. To meet these requirements, cloud services and infrastructure came into existence. Cloud infrastructure basically a cluster of hardware resources operating as a single unit with the backend complexities hidded from the users. With availability of affordable cloud infrastructure there is now a need for specialised cloud applications and platforms to cater to user needs.

We provide cloud platforms and services for GIS, Remote sensing and distributed device integration. These solutions are capable of hosting sensor networks, distributed applications, monitoring systems etc. Our services include design of customised cloud platforms and applications for large enterprises with users spread over vast geographies.

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