WebApps the cloud services


It stands for Information Management, Analysis and Geo-processing Engine. It is a comprehensive customisable cloud based spatial platform accessible over web and mobile interfaces. It can take care of all your geospatial needs.



It is a social media platform designed around inhabited places. It aims at connecting people to places in a fun way. Significant amount of editorial content is planned to provide as much insight as possible.



As the name suggests, it is geo-spatial application which consolidates various public domain datasets and base maps used by some of our other services. Spatial and non-spatial data is presented with basic analytic capabilities.



The geo-spatial blog primarily focussed on knowledge sharing as step towards community learning. Cross domain technologies will also be discussed along with latest trends and developments in the sector.


Please feel free to contact us for further details. We are looking forward to your queries, suggestions, feedback and support on various products and services.